Déjà vu-2016 JIMEI x ARLES Project
2016 / 11 / 21 - 12 / 19
Chen Wei

Curator|Chen Wei

Assistants|Wang Haiqing、Zhang Zhouyi

Artists|Yang Jian, Cao Shu, Zhang Shuai, Yang Zhifei, Huang Xi, Liang Yongjun


Déjà vu refers to the phenomenon wherein a person sees a scene for the first time in an awakened state, but feel as though he has experienced it before " somewhere in time ". The alienation of reality and the familiarity of memory produced by Déjà vu make it a bridge connecting reality with the illusory.

The concept of the exhibition Déjà vu attempts to create an almost impossible and compounded paradoxical context, including dramatic conflicting relationship between individuals and the environment, between dreams and reality, between fiction and truth. The works might be the realistic projection of the inner mind, or the connection of reality and memories, or the digital fiction of a dream. The exhibition welcomes the reopening of sensory senses and the rediscovery of certain circumstance that are ongoing in audiovisual hybridity.

Chen Wei