8 Years | C-PLATFORM

C-PLATFORM founded on December 8th, 2012 in Xiamen, China. It is a non-profit cultural and art research and curatorial organization supported by LUCITOPIA CULTURE. For the last eight years, we have been exploring and experimenting with contemporary art in nature. Along the island, mountains, and rivers, we reflect on our position in nature and look for a different voice outside of the mainstream and the existing artistic ecosystem, searching for ways and meanings of the organic connection between people and reality in a state of relative marginality and uncertainty.
For eight years, we have proactively connected scholars, curators, artists, designers, and burgeoning creative groups, to explore, generate, and launch a series of interdisciplinary, weak in cultural boundaries, and extrasensory programs, including the Future Institute, Infinite Theater, C Academy,Lucitopia Residency etc. Through communication, curation, education, and residency, we instill our observations and thoughts into virtual spaces and physical places in both cities and the countryside. We integrate different types of spaces, projects, and individuals into the context and experience of the “changing theatre”, link more closely people, objects, and spaces, and eventually trigger the reconstruction of contemporary society, cultural patterns, and life concepts.
With a clearer positioning and vision, C-PLATFORM will dedicate itself to connecting nature, culture and a sustainable future. Focusing on specific topics, such as future ecology, natural stories, organic cities and countryside, and a sustainable life, C-PLATFORM will continue to expand its communications and collaborations with domestic and international partners, and do its best to explore new possibilities of a future society.
C-PLATFORM could not have grown in the past eight years without the participation of scholars, curators, artists, and designers. We could not have flourished without the support of the embassies and consulates of relevant countries, local cultural authorities, and friends from various fields. We also could have not have persisted without a strong team. From staff to interns to volunteers, we appreciate your hard work and dedication. Ultimately, your continual attention and expectations keep us moving forward.
While 2020 is flying by, 2021 is coming. For the new year, we wish you peace and health!
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