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Project Description

Concept Statement

Architecture of Cure is a platform that is researching the effect of stress on mental and physical health and exploring the ways in which design, architecture, and nature can positively impact people within specific environments.


​By delving into various mediums such as film, product design, and writing, Architecture of Cure is able to offer unique angles in which complex topics can be discussed, rethought, and where attempts at solutions can be made.

At Architecture of Cure we believe in the value of nature and design to create sustainable healing environments.


​The Healing Pod

Alongside the research of the positive effects of nature on healing, Architecture of Cure is also developing a product that aims to reduce stress using nature, with a focus on patients in hospitals.


The Healing Pod is designed so that a person is able to sit in a natural environment that aims to reduce stress. It does so by purifying plants that increase productivity by 38%, light therapy that has been proven to increase energy levels, aromatherapy which can aid in reducing pain levels, and sounds of nature that can boost mood. Allowing people to take 15-20 minutes in a natural environment is an effective way to improve sleeping patterns, mood, and energy levels.


​The Healing Pod is aimed at highly stressed environments, such as hospitals where there is a strong lack of nature, or offices, universities, and airports.


Related Information

Anna Pelgrim / NL

The founder of “Architecture of cure”/ Interactive media designer

2018 LRDC Challenge designer


Image credit © Daniela Roscha




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