The Third Bank



Project Information

Duration: 2015. 11. 01

Venue: Xiamen Xinlinghui Plaza

Curator: PAN Mingquan

Creative by MEXDIA Lab.


Project Description

The Third Bank is not referring to one touchable modality, nor a defined composition. It emerges in our mind, arouses conscious reaction and fades due to reality. It is a variable, in continuous and indefinite shape, involving memory, image or existence of another space.

We don’t simply live in reality, absence is always accompanying with us, and we take it to feel, determine and act in real life. The Third Bank is always there, just different views to different person.

Once The Third Bank has its shape, it will lose its inborn status, it is not subject to for display.

The MEXDIA Lab exhibited this time takes multiple media means, it does not present The Third Bank itself, but try to flap the spoondrift of the shore or it may feel the shape of this shore.




Infinite Theater