Sand Plants

C-PLATFORM × Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier


Project Information

Duration: 2016. 04. 09 – 04. 22



Project Description

The artist duo Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier was formed in 2015.While attending some stays in historical landscape, they engage with context to reveal the ghosts and the many layers of history. They confront cultural objects and images through installations and videos, to stress the relations between Art History and the representations induced by our time. Looking for signs, they offer a critical reflection around concerns linked to artistic, natural and spiritual heritage.


Installation Cloud Cover is a reflection around the landscape of Shanghai and its history. It links some photographs of cultural objects as ceramics, prints, tourism books, a video of empty landscapes from King Hu’s films and incense sticks to explore the industrial evolution of the last decades and the renewal of this economical center. Through the image of haze, it compares the glorified nature representation of Chinese traditional art and the Shanghai smog.


After a one month residency at C-Platform, the artist duo Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier will present a new video installation produced during its stay in Xiamen. This new project deals with the island history and more particularly with the period before the touristy construction of its landscape. By offering a poetical and absurd image – some foliage plants doing sightseeing on the beach – they highlight the relations between the nature imitation in Chinese landscaped art and the erasure of history traces by urbanization.




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