Produced by XIAMEN LUCITOPIA CULTURE CO., LTD and co-curated by C-PLATFORM and MEXDIA Lab, the Lucitopia Residency Program has special cooperation with GREEN ART LAB ALLIANCE (EU) and China Residencies. Distinct from other art residencies, the Lucitopia Residency Program is a comprehensive residency program that welcomes interdisciplinary and cross-media practitioners from different backgrounds to explore the possibilities of a specific space or area.

Participants can be artists, designers, curators, geographers, biologists, anthropologists, naturalists or, indeed, researchers in other fields. Residency program participants live, share and create together during their period in residence, acquainting themselves and building a close relationship with the environment and its specific context while at the same time carrying out cross-cultural, ideological and academic interactions, innovations and encounters.

The Lucitopia Residency Program will take place within the context of a range of urban environments, rural areas and other geographical localities. By focusing on the characteristics of specific areas with particular and varied issues, more diverse thought processes and explorations of varying perspectives will be carried out.






The ecological and environmental problems caused by global climate change, as well as unbalanced relationships in the development of cities, villages and the natural environment have been causes of concern and reflection for those in various fields. Within this current climate the Lucitopia Residency Program · In the Countryside invites interdisciplinary and cross-media practitioners, researchers and experts, from the perspective of their own research areas, to participate in discussions concerning village life and issues relating to the natural environment. Such discussions will include issues of living and working in the countryside, the possibilities for the revival of villages, and opportunities for sharing in the city context.

The Lucitopia Residency Program allows participants to meet, exchange, achieve cross-border cooperation and interact with local villagers. Participants will study and explore through investigation, practice, presentation and sharing from the perspective of interdisciplinary research, tracing the possibility of integrating ecology, science and technology in the human context. They will also fully explore the potential value of the region from a multi-layered perspective, discussing new ideas and opportunities in sustainable rural and ecological development. 

At the end of the rural residency, participants have the opportunity to be invited to give lectures in urban public locations, such as community spaces, universities, research institutes and creativity conferences. They will be able to share their thoughts and experiences of their time in the countryside as well as their visions for future potential, and in so doing will encourage feedback and inspire wider urban debate and focus on rural practices.






The first host venue accommodating our Lucitopia Residency Program · In the Countryside lies in  Lucitopia Town, Zixi Qingliang Mountain. Located on the Zhuxi Forest Farm of Zixi County close to Fuzhou in Jiangxi Province, Lucitopia Town encompasses Qingliang Mountain National Forest Park as well as several villages. Surrounded by mountains and rivers with outstanding ecological conditions, a pleasant natural environment and a conscientious population of local villagers, it maintains the identity of a “creative industry featured town”, aiming to provide a habitable town characterized by ecological civilization and creative industry.

Lucitopia Town provides participants with a unique experience to discover their inner “spirit of nature” in an environment where people and nature complement each other. In the contemporary cultural context, they will explore the current relationship between man, nature, society and civilization, looking for diverse modern transformational and innovation approaches to traditional culture.



1 Eligible Applicants

You may be an artist or a curator whose focus could be on, for instance, painting, video, sound, performance, installation or cross-media; or you may be a designer focusing on architecture, objects, fashion or food; or you may be a researcher focusing on nature, biology, agriculture, technology or on literature and the humanities. Since the working environment of this residency program occurs predominantly in rural areas and in nature, the recommended age for the applicant is between 25 – 55.


2 Application and Residency Dates

• Open application throughout the year.

• There will be five residency periods in 2019. (March-April, May-June, July-August, September-October, November-December)

• Each residency period hosts between two to four resident participants for a duration of two months.

• The first residency commences on March 1, 2019.


3 Project Support

• Based on each applicant’s specific residency plan, we will provide residency funding ranging from RMB 2,000 to 20,000.

• Open-air venue for creation in either the natural environment or in the village; an indoor shared studio of about 100㎡ (equipped with internet, photocopier, laser engraving and 3D printing facilities).

• Offer of service for organizing and coordinating project activities during the residency, limited edition poster design, social media release and publicity.

• Offer of Chinese-English translations related to the creation and daily activities during the residency.

• We will offer transportation services within the residency area during the residency.

• We will offer maximum five days of hotel accommodation and reception in the city: Staff will assist international participants during transfer in Xiamen for two of these days before the village residency (domestic participants travel directly to the village without transfer). The remaining three days of accommodation will be arranged so that all residency participants can share their residency experiences in Xiamen and other cities. 


4 Cost Borne by Individual Participant

• Transportation fee to and from Lucitopia Town (Fuzhou or Nancheng Train Station) for both domestic and foreign participants.

•  Visa fee (including any visa extension fee during the residency period).

• Travel insurance (participants are required to provide proof of travel insurance covering their residency period after confirming their participation in the residency project).

• Accommodation during the village residency (the host venue will offer accommodation of different standards to suit the various needs of participants, who will also enjoy special discount).

• The cost of purchasing materials (such as paint, consumables, production, transportation and shipping) required for creation and manufacturing during the village residency.

•  Personal travel expenses.


Residence Facilities of the Venue

• Idyllic village with a natural ecological environment and pristine mountain life.

• Lucitopia Creative Center, a multi-purpose space for studios, lectures, seminars and presentations.

• Lucitopia Inn, a container design hotel in nature, each room being approximately 15㎡ and being fully equipped.


6 Application Process

• The applicant submits the application form and other required documents by email to the only official email address:

• We will discuss and evaluate the applicants based on the documents they submit before our final decision on their eligibility to participate.

• Applicants will receive a notification email for the result of their application within 15 business days.

• The selected applicants will provide required follow-up documents (these will be specified in the notification email) .


7 Documents Required for the Application

• Recent Chinese / English resume  (PDF format) .

• Portfolio (personal portfolio, web page or PDF document; for image data or media files, please attach a web link) .

• Residency program application form (Form download.doc / Form download.pdf) .






Special Partner: GREEN ART LAB ALLIANCE (EU), China Residencies



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