To My Dearest, When I’m Gone

C-PLATFORM × Zhang Qianyu


Written at the outset | Zhang Qianyu

Each time when elders in my surrounding came to the talk about “death”, I was instantly frightened. From that remote time on, I have been horrified by “death”. Not even a thought would I entertain, let alone to face the death of someone in my near.


We as human beings encounter and part with people every single day, “death” therefore is also hard to elude. We can not control it, no matter how much we want it. Though I am always of the conviction that death is not the ultimate closure of life. It will continue in some other form of life, and therefore it could be a new beginning.


Collected in this picture book are stories about “death” from real life, abstracting eight different life forms selected from nature, used as metaphors of what actually happed in reality. My stories are consisted of these eight fables, narrating the transmigration of life and death.


Of these eight life forms ( ie. mud, ant, leaf, stone, turtle, fish, sea and bee), each story is somehow linked to the others whereas each one again stands alone in its metaphorical meaning of the various deaths we will be facing in our life’s journey. From the solid ground we tramp on to up in the air, then back on the ground again (came from dust and return to dust), this yet indicates the transmigration of life.


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Zhang Qianyu

Graduated from Xiamen University Jiageng College of Art and Design Department of Visual Communication Design.




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