Transcending the Three Hours

C-PLATFORM × Lin Lin & Irene Chan


Project Information

Duration: 2017. 06. 10 – 06. 30



Project Description

The idea of the exhibition “Transcending the Three Hours” came from the first dialogue between Lin Lin and Irene in early 2016. Although each had lived in different countries, they discovered that they easily conversed in many common topics, even to their respective art creation processes. One particular topic is food and its relationship to life. Other topics they share are feelings about the environment, understanding of food and culture, and using multi-media and different materials in their art works.


During the following year, Lin Lin and Irene continued their conversations and exchanges, especially with regard to the feelings and thoughts of food, but always surpassing the food itself. They find that there are many interesting overlaps in their artistic creations, and these overlaps are brought together in this exhibition.


“Transcending the Three Hours” is one representation of the overlap. For Lin Lin and Irene, the three hours is the time of conversations; the three hours is the shared memory; the three hours is the basic universal viewpoint of culture. In transcending, two viewpoints often merged into one, then became two again. In this exhibition, the three-hour conversations continue.


Related Information

Irene Chan

Associate Professor in the Visual Art Department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Her work is multi-media, processes from graphic design to performance are all incorporated into her works. In her rich personal resume, you can see her solo and group exhibitions and work collected in international museums and art spaces such as the New York Public Library; The Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY; Tate Modern, London, UK; Asian American Arts Centre, New York, NY; School of Design, Basel, Switzerland, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, etc.


Lin Lin

Associate Professor of Digital Media Art Major, Design Department at the Xiamen University.

In the process of her creation, she carried out various experiments and exploration in drawing, photography, video etc. With her concept and thinking of life to understand things, and personal experience to the interpretation of her philosophy of perception. Her solo and group exhibitions are present in museums and art space all over the world. Some examples are Le Printemps De Chine Crac Alsace Altkrich, France;Rijk Museum, Enschede, the Netherlands;De Appel (Contemporary Art Center), Amsterdam, the Netherlands; <Art system>, Toronto, Canada.;Villa Weiner, Ochtrup, Germany;Chesapeake Arts Center, Baltimore, U.S.A;Baltimore Creative Alliance Gallery, U.S.A.




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