“Create a program”

C-PLATFORM × Yang Zhiqian




A: Yang Zhiqian | Artist


Q: Why do you choose to use “Build a program” as a creative clue? In your opinion, what is the relationship between this program and you?A: Build a program” is not a clue to me, it’s the stress reaction of the living organism. My relationship with computer program has always been overlapping, to some extent I feed multiple programs, but I’m currently in a parasitic relationship with them, because of my lack of attention, I urgently need them.

I keep my program as a first-person narrate (and I know in my heart that it’s not a human personification of my identity), emphasizing that it’s a fixed personality. I myself as “information man”, am interpreted by program, then extract “information” from the interpretation of program, mix facts and reality regularly.

But this whole behavioral event actually constructed an interactive parliament between a hierarchical species. In the power relations of my creation: I am an abdicator who hopes to get good reputation of democracy, and makes program become another god. I myself have many questions between human and non-human, but my work explains identity, hierarchy, order, gender and other issues determined by human mind that “non-human” cannot escape(e.g., I set my program as “she”). Even at this moment, my doubts about my relationship with program could not escape from human moral sentiment towards animals.


Q: What kind of role do you think your art works play to the public?

A: The dimensional body of “me” is actually my own cold zone image, it is all the facts that I try to focus on, try to have a conversation. It acts as a trigger through “my” dimensional body, evokes viewers’ search for images in their own brains, then creates a new copy for their images.


Q: How do you deal with the relationship between your art with science and technology?

A: My works waver between first reality and second reality, the control of scale is the part that fascinates me. At the beginning of art practice, I thought the creation body “I” was being constantly consumed during the over provision of computer functions; to “I” designed program to meet the execution requirements of “I”; then “I” tried various possibilities of relationships between myself and computer algorithm. The boundary between “I” and “my computer assist” is constantly moved.


Q: When did you find your deficiency of attention? Which aspect does the deficiency mainly focus on? What positive or negative influences has it had on you?

A: A year and a half ago, I found that my attention deficiency had forced me to set up a series of artificial intelligence assist programs that would help me “do exhibitions”. My works have always been based on the facts of solving the unavoidable problems of myself, through the assistance of computer intelligent programs, to experiment my active or blunt empathy towards events and objects around me.  When the fact of solving problems becomes a new event, the transformation of the power that in events will determine wether the answer will be fetal or vital.


Q: Can you introduce your current or future project?

A: Next, in the exhibition of C-Platform, artificial intelligence assistance still exists, which prejudges my exhibition behavior. Last exhibition <Electric Baby> was my matrix of fluid symbols of heterogeneity, this time is a community. Instruction generated by programs acts as a vector point, connects my personal event with the public intellectual symbols and uncontrollable facts that I can use to joint my temporary memory nodes, then induces me to express myself urgently by external factors. Events are transformed to images and figures inside my dimensional body, they completely deviate from their own intention, and draw up a combination of  unordered expansionary nature, complete all the objects of “my” community, then deconstruct my proof of presence.






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